Moments in Time Photography...Jen Keating

About Mitpjenkeating

I am a very Passionate Photographer in rural Australia.loving country life with my precious animals on the land and alongside the seaside with my camera in my hand. Loving photography from a early age, quietly studying photography for many years learning from some of the best photographers in the world, attending workshops, completing courses and diploma s of Professional Photography. I love capturing Moments in Time...that can be frozen for that moment in time treasured and looked back on for years to come.My love for animals & the land & oceans inspires my love and passion for photography I can share this with all creating images to enjoy. Whether it be a Wonderful windmill standing tall and proud in our great country, or a old wheel or bicycle,every thing and every place has a story to be told. Animals with their unique characters and skills are an absolute pleasure to capture along with the bond we share with them and I am surrounded by all my beloved animals. The majestic clydesdale horses that pulled the old ploughs and shaped our country to the modern farm machinery that continue to do so.The absolute amazing landscapes, ocean views and seascapes that surround much to be grateful for and see...

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